Dear Switzerland

What have you learned from the COVID-19 crisis?
What has changed that you hope will continue?
Or what do you want to share with the future Switzerland?

Let us know by writing a letter or comment.

The aim of “Dear Switzerland” is to give the entire Swiss population a voice, a venue and a platform to share reflections, learnings and experiences about the Covid-19 crisis. It is hard to believe that a year has already passed since the Covid crisis arrived in Switzerland, with lives here and around the world changed in an instant. Early on there was a recognition that there would be much to learn from the crisis and that was why this platform was born. With DearSwitzerland we aimed to provide a venue for people to share their learnings, experiences, wishes and hopes with the future of Switzerland. 100s of submissions were received, from residents across the country and abroad, young and old, in 7 languages, with invaluable perspectives that sometimes brought us to tears, other times gave us goosebumps, and always provided a strong sense that if we unite our perspectives and learn from the crisis, the future of Switzerland can be strong indeed. We are extremely grateful for all who submitted a letter and supported Dear Switzerland in the past year. A simple thank you is not enough but THANK YOU. For now we plan to maintain this platform and encourage all to read the submissions and explore how rich and wonderful the collective catalog of contributions truly is. Unfortunately the crisis is far from over so anyone who wants to submit a new letter is welcome to do so, there is still so much learning and reflecting that we can and should do, as a country and as members of the global community.

Dear Switzerland,

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