What can I write?

In short, you can write anything. Letters can be serious, humorous, literal, figurative, long, short... up to you. If you submit a hand-written letter you are welcome to include illustrations. We are currently accepting letters in 5 languages: German, French, Italian, Romansch and English. We do want to keep this initiative positive and family-friendly so we will review submissions before uploading to ensure there is no illicit or overtly offensive content.

How can I get involved and support this initiative?

Your involvement is so important to this initiative. First, write and submit your letter, then consider sharing your submission on social media. Help us get others involved by encouraging your friends and family to submit their letters, and by promoting and following the initiative on your favorite social media channels. You might also consider sharing the initiative with associations, schools, or other groups to which you belong. Then be sure to read submitted letters and reflect on what others have experienced and what their hopes for Switzerland’s future are.

If you are interested in more formally supporting or getting involved as a collaborator, partner, or sponsor, please write to info@dearswitzerland.org.

What happens after I submit my letter?

We will be very honored to receive your letter. If you have agreed to have it published in the online letter catalog, we will review your letter and upload it within a couple of days. If you change your mind about having your letter published in the catalog, please email us at info@dearswitzerland.org and we work to ensure it is removed.

What is the deadline?

Our formal campaign for letters ended at the end of 2020. However, as the crisis continues, we continue to welcome submissions.